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about kirsten

Interior design is very personal and specific to each client, so I spend time

understanding not only what colors, trends or ideas are of interest, but also how my

clients live and what they value most. I love to help people discover and want to use

every part of their home or workspace by reinventing layout, use of color, texture,

and treasured items. Whether it’s a home or place of business, aside from being

visually pleasing, spaces need to elicit a sense of comfort and ease - a place in which

you’d like to spend time.

Since establishing my business in 2006, I have done a variety of work ranging from

color consultation and staging, to complete bathroom and kitchen remodels.

With degrees in fine art and textile design, and over 20 years of experience

in the home furnishing business, my background informs the layers and variety

of materials in my designs. Unexpected and sometimes quirky combinations

make spaces come alive. I like to include products and ideas that are

environmentally-connected, whether through use of eco-friendly materials or in

reusing and reinventing existing furnishings.